Enviro Empress FS Control Board

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New Member
Oct 10, 2023
I picked up a February 2006 Enviro Empress FS that needed some work. It's a bit older than it was listed as and I was told it was fried during a lightning storm. When plugged in the exhaust and convection blowers turn on but not the ignitor or the auger, none of the buttons appear to do anything. I cleaned it out really good and rewired so the blower wires powered the auger and ignitor and after doing that those both worked so I'm confident everything appears to be working and I likely just need a new control board (though I would welcome any further troubleshooting anyone may have). I've read through forum posts and have come to understand this is an older outdated control board (though my stove does appear to have the new door) however I'm struggling to identify/confirm what control board I should buy that will work with my stove. I can't seem to find any that have the same lights/etc, do I just need to buy one and a new faceplate as well (the old faceplate could obviously use a replacement).

Enviro Empress FS Control Board Enviro Empress FS Control Board