Enviro Empress Insert " Got it" - Self or Dealer $ Install?

phil san Posted By phil san, Aug 6, 2008 at 10:40 PM

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  1. phil san

    phil san
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    Jul 15, 2008
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    Empress FI ordered July 14 dealer called this AM and in stock. Wow - lucky!!

    Replacing a Propane FI that is town permitted. Have to go up the chimmney and remove Vent Top, 25' of flex vent pipe and Intake pipe.

    Plan to install stainless 3" to 4" rear vent T to a 25' 4" stainless flex to chimmney top and set up insert. No outside air intake.

    ( plan to get permit and town inspection ).

    My ? - dealer subs out the job. Cost $495 + venting pipe. My concern is not the pipe, clearance and permit issues but the actual
    first running of the pellet insert. Read all the tech specs and stuff from this site. I've installed several ( 10 + ) wood burning inserts and free standing over the years but pellets are brand new to me. Still run a VC FS Intrepid in another part of the house, just don't want to pay the oil man.

    Seems after researching, just the draft control settings are the most important.

    Any advice?
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