Recommendations for pellet-stove retailer / installer serving Boston area?

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New Member
Nov 5, 2023
Hi. I hope this is an appropriate forum for this request.

I'm looking for recommendations for a pellet-stove dealer to sell us a pellet stove and install it in our Boston residence.

We plan to use the (no-longer used) fireplace chimney for the vent. For that will probably need to remove the damper and run the vent pipe up the chimney. Probably will also need to put a hole through the chimney for the air intake. Looking to heat the main room in our house (about 600 square feet, with a very high ceiling, to supplement and reduce the cost of heating with our HVAC). Looking for a relatively low-maintenance unit. Probably prefer new.

This will be our first time owning a pellet stove. We'll probably need to rely on the dealer to help us get it working well.

Any recommendations? Thank you!

-Neal Young