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  1. N

    Recommendations for pellet-stove retailer / installer serving Boston area?

    Hi. I hope this is an appropriate forum for this request. I'm looking for recommendations for a pellet-stove dealer to sell us a pellet stove and install it in our Boston residence. We plan to use the (no-longer used) fireplace chimney for the vent. For that will probably need to remove the...
  2. M

    Central Wood Stove for Very Small Living Room?

    Hi all! New to the wood stove world, my wife and I are ready to move away from propane heat. Looking for some advice... We have a small 800sf house with an open concept living room / kitchen and hallway to our two small bedrooms. After lots of consideration, we want to locate the wood stove...
  3. C

    Recommendation for wood burning insert

    I would like to have a wood burning insert . My Fireplace dimensions: Front wide 29 Rear wide 22 3/4 Height 27 Depth 21 Please recommend it Thank you so much Chris
  4. C

    Pellet stove for Yurt--recommendations?

    Hello! I am looking for a pellet stove for my newly built yurt. It's 450 sq feet with insulated floor, wall, and ceiling (though it will never be as well insulated as a real house). I'm in Oregon in the Willamette valley where average low temps in winter are in the low 30s. The yurt is my year...
  5. Johnald32

    KozyHeat Z42 vs. ??? Any bigger, better ZC fireplaces?

    Hi everyone, I'm now two years into ownership of a KozyHeat Z42 zero clearance fireplace, and I love the thing. My dad is about to start construction of his retirement house, and is going to have a non-masonry chimney with some sort of zero clearance fireplace built into the house. He loves my...
  6. H

    efficient automatic pellet stove recommendations needed

    Hello to everyone, I am new to the forum. I have a 400 sq ft, well insulated, one room, workshop that I'm looking to heat with a direct vent (if possible) pellet stove. Can anyone recommend an efficient, automatic, thermostat controlled pellet stove? Or if you have any other suggestions...
  7. Mercurydollar

    Recommendations for insert

    I have a 2000sq foot home. The fireplace opening is 35” wide 30” tall and 22” deep. My chimney is an interior chimney. 12’ tall and 10.5”x10.5” wide all the way down. Looking to spend 1000-1500 tops. Also a liner recommendation would be nice too.
  8. L

    Thoughts on the Earth Stove GL40?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a used Earth Stove GL40 if it looks as good in actuality as it does on the sale page. Price: $495 I understand that the brand has been bought out by Lennox. Can anyone provide some general insight into the relative quality of an Earth Stove GL40? Good? Bad? Jump...