KozyHeat Z42 vs. ??? Any bigger, better ZC fireplaces?

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New Member
May 14, 2017
Lothian, MD
Hi everyone,

I'm now two years into ownership of a KozyHeat Z42 zero clearance fireplace, and I love the thing. My dad is about to start construction of his retirement house, and is going to have a non-masonry chimney with some sort of zero clearance fireplace built into the house. He loves my Z42, but when I got mine, affordability was absolutely a factor (I think I paid just under 3k, plus another 1k or so for the install). Lucky for him, this is not so much an issue.

Before I recommend for him to get the Z42, I just wanted to see if anyone else would recommend any alternative zero clearance fireplaces, possibly one that might have a bigger firebox than the KozyHeat. If I had to name one thing about mine that I didn't like, a bigger firebox would probably be my only gripe, as it limits my burn time to about 6-7 hours. Anyone have any experience with anything else?

There definitely are larger fireplaces. How large an area will the fireplace be heating? Is this for MD climate also? Will there be details of construction like cathedral ceilings, large glazed areas, super-insulation, sprawling layout, etc. that would affect the heated area calc?
2300 Square ft house with a small area of vaulted ceiling in the main living room where the fireplace is. MD climate. I'm sure the insulation will be pretty decent since its new construction and a custom home. Maybe nothing too much bigger than something like a Z42 is even necessary? Really just curious what else is out there.
Take a look at the PE FP30 series and reports here. That is a popular 3 cu ft option.
We installed the Pacific Energy FP30 Arch recently and have been quite impressed. My wife loads it around 3 or 4PM and we have enough coals the NEXT MORNING to get a fire going quickly with outside temps around 20. Thermostat kicks on between 10-12PM set at 68 and house typically gets up to 72 on the main floors by 5PM I think. Our home is 2800sqft, 16 feet vaulted ceiling going into an upstairs loft with geothermal as our primary heat.
I went with FPX b/c of ability to remotely locate the blower, it's even quieter than when your HVAC is running. I have 36", but you could go even bigger with 44" for your climate.