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  1. Johnald32

    KozyHeat Z42 vs. ??? Any bigger, better ZC fireplaces?

    Hi everyone, I'm now two years into ownership of a KozyHeat Z42 zero clearance fireplace, and I love the thing. My dad is about to start construction of his retirement house, and is going to have a non-masonry chimney with some sort of zero clearance fireplace built into the house. He loves my...
  2. M

    Olympia HE250 vs the Kozy Z42?

    Are there any Olympia Ventis HE250 opinions or reviews out there? I been scouring the internet and can not find anything. I have an old 1985 Preway fireplace insert and this past winter, it proved to be extremely inefficient to provide much heat while I was stuck without electric for a week...
  3. P

    Need to replace bricks in Kozy Heat Z42

    The time has come for me to replace some of the broken bricks in my Kozy Heat Z42 (installed in 2010). The bricks that sit on top are in the worst shape of all; crumbling and cracked. They measure 1.25" x 4.5" x 13.25". Can someone tell me where I can buy these? I have the means of cutting...
  4. Johnald32

    New Kozy Heat Z42 Install (Thanks Hearth.com!)

    This is my first post to Hearth.com. We just had our new Kozy Heat Z42CD ZC fireplace installed, and I figured I'd post some pictures and info for the benefit of the group. We had it installed to replace a prefab junk ZC fireplace (not sure the brand - possibly a Heatilator) I think I've read...