Enviro windsor possible hot ember leak


Oct 17, 2011
central ct
My stove is a Enviro windsor, has had its problems over the years but seemed to have got them worked out.

Last night, running it normal, I swear me and my wife saw a rogue red hot ash ember fly out of the stove. sat there trying to figure out where it could have come from. shut stove down and let cool. Did a good cleaning, had a few clinkers in the pot. fired back up since and running fine, no leaks ect ( have a smoke detector and co2 detector right above it).

1- possible the pellet ash/ember got out through the fire glass door ( the model only uses a gasket on the sides and bottom, top is an air wash? or something) ?

2- maybe the pellet ash/ember got out through the very tiny hole where the heat exchanger cleaning pull rod is? if dark, you can see the flickering flame color through the hole where the pull rod is. didnt seem as if the heat exchanger is broken or rotted, never noticed the flame color through the hole before but never looked that close either.

other than that, no leaks detected, door and seal is snug, I am at a loss here......

thanks iin advance,


Minister of Fire
Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
Only way i see anything escaping the fire box is out the cleaning rod hole or there Is a breach in one of the exchanger tubes. I would clean out the firebox and check every tube.