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zinfendel Posted By zinfendel, Apr 17, 2013 at 10:34 AM

  1. zinfendel

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    Dec 7, 2012
    I installed a Harman Advance in January and burned my last bag over the weekend. Thrilled with the new stove. I had done a few "light" cleanings since, but now need to do the end of season one.

    I bought a $30 WalMart shop vac for the sole use of cleaning the stove. I modified it and and fit a hepa ash filter in it and it is covered with a sock. I know how to take the burn pot, plates, etc. apart. What I am a little unclear on is the flue. I do not have a flue brush right now, but will probably buy one.

    I read about this leaf blower trick, but have not found much about it here, except on post/pic showing a leaf blower on the outside vent. It looks like in that case the idea was to create a massive vac/flow out of the vent to pull all the dust out. Seems like a good idea and I have a couple of leaf blowers. But with my dedicated ash vac, is it needed? I was thinking about using the blower port on the ash vac to blow out the flue? It probably needs to be brushed cleaned though.

    Any other summer-prep things to do?

    My vent is a 12" horizontal through the wall, and then at and 3 (I think) vertical sections ending with a snorkle vent. I did not use sealer on the outside joints. Pulling the bottom of the T off and taking the snorkle off would be a breeze (to brush out the vent).

    Any suggestions? I apologize if this is already covered elsewhere, feel free to point/link.


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    Just a comment on your shop vac setup, there are alternatives to using a sock. Shop vac carries a fine filter and look for shop vac drywall bags. This is what I use.

    The shop vac doesn't have the power of a blower but using a brush is an alternative to the leaf blower trick.
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    Jan 2, 2013
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    Hi JH,

    I am new to Pellet heating this year and so what I am suggesting comes from what I have proud to have learnt from this chat room.

    I have pretty much the same venting you do and I intend to use a 4" pellet brush from Northline Express, opening the bottom clean out and brushing down from the top, removing the T. I will cap the top for the summer, and put a bag of Silica in the stove as I am near the ocean.
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    Please do yourself a favor and have the stove professionally cleaned. Watch carefully and you will see how the technician ( if he does it right) will take out your blowers, clean your ESP sensor, vac out your fines box, and clean your flu pipe. He should also oil your motors if they can be oiled.

    The cleaning you are describing is not complete, even with the leaf blower!
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    Welcome Zin, nice stove, post up some pics and where are you located?
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