Esse Dragon Dolphin Restoration

beastman1103 Posted By beastman1103, Oct 13, 2018 at 8:20 AM

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    Oct 13, 2018
    Hi All

    Pretty new to the stove world but thought id try restoration of a beautiful Esse Dolphin Stove but im not sure on a couple of parts and would appreciate any advice or guidance. The bottom panel bit is cracked so i was presuming that i need to replace this or get it fixed - just not sure what to buy or what i would be asking someone to do. The bottom part says its a dragon 2 and it looked to be on a bed of sand but again i wasnt sure if that was correct. I had a look at some websites and can see following for sale and wondered if i should buy -

    dont know if i need any of those parts

    I know i can replace the glass part relatively easily as i have seen some of the responses to previous threads but any clarification would be appreciated

    i only intend to burn wood in in but wasnt sure if i needed a grate. I couldnt seem to find anything other than a universal grate on ebay but i wasnt sure if that would work

    I have attached a couple of pics in hope that you can help :)

    Thanks Again.

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