Essex model 1000 assembly, installation, operation and maintnance information

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Jan 20, 2012
NW Arkansas
I've just bought an Essex 1000. I know very little about such equipment but, being young and inexperienced, (69) I dove blindly in to this task. The unit was built in 1982 but was used less than 2 seasons (a friend owns it so I'm acquainted with the history). It is now installed inside a 4000 sq ft building and set up to provide heat thru the floor as well as hot water.

I will have to remove it and ultimately install it at my place. My thoughts are to use registers/radiators inside central heat systems in both my house and my shop here in NW Arkansas, locating the boiler unit in an old well house equal distance between the 2 buildings which are approx 100 ft apart, My total sq ft will be approx 3300 sq ft.

The big problem (that I'm aware of) is that I don't have any manuals or other paperwork to cover assembly, installation, operation or maintenance and have been unsuccessful in contacting the mfg in Conn or Mass by telephone or internet.

I need to know the following:

1) Does my installation scheme seem sound?

2)Tips on disassembly/inspection/assembly.

3) Are manuals or drawings available and if so how can I get copies?

4) Is there a special cleaning/maint kit required, if so where do I go to get it?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks, C.W.
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