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    Guest 2.

    My name is Shane I am the general manager of All
    American Home Center in. I am writing you in
    support of Don Jordan an inspector in the town of Wrentham
    Ma. I would personally like to attest to Don's knowledge
    and expertise in his field. He actively participates in
    the forum at www.hearth.com demonstrating his expertise
    daily. He is the caliber of inspector that any citizen in
    any city would be more than lucky to have inspecting their
    contractors work. He knows all applicable codes and
    standards and enforces them fairly and consistently. The
    lengths he goes to to help people in the forum community is
    very commendable, he even took a day and helped a fellow
    forum member install their fireplace insert. His level of
    dedication to the safety and well being of his friends,
    neighbors and community is, in my opinion, above and beyond
    the majority of the population today. In short, Don knows
    his job better than most, does his job better than most and
    is more than qualified to be an inspector. His situation
    is uncommon in the sense that doing inspections is not his
    sole source of income and that attending education seminars
    etc. is not as easy as for someone on a salary that gets
    paid to go. It is my opinion that he should be allowed to
    demonstrate to you in some manner his knowledge and
    expertise and should certainly be allowed to continue on as
    an inspector in his community. Thank you for taking the
    time to read my email and I'm sure the many others you're
    recieving right now.



    Don Jordan is an inspector in the municipality of Wrentham Mass.

    Don is a regular contributor to HearthNet.com, which is one of the best sources of consumer information available for people who use renewable sources of energy to heat their homes.

    I started reading Don's contributions to the site early last year while considering the purchase of a fireplace insert. His expertise guided me through the purchase and installation process. His input persuaded me to avoid a "self install" of the wood insert, seek a professional, then know what to look for with the installation for my family's safety.

    I have the highest regard for his level of technical knowledge.

    Dear Mr. Anderson-
    I am writing to you in regard to Mr. Don Jordan and his status as an inspector in Wrentham, Massachusetts. In the winter of 2005 Don spent countless hours guiding me through the installation of my woodstove. I do not know Don personally but still he went out of his way to help me. In fact, two inspectors in my area approved the install of my stove. I had a bad feeling about the situation of one of the pipes that was enclosed behind a wall. I posted questions for Don and he told me what they had done was wrong. I then contacted the manufacturer of the pipe and it was indeed wrong and the work had to be redone by the chimney installers. So, without my suspicious feeling of the inspection in my area and without Don's help I would have a huge code violation that could have really led to my home being burned down and my family killed. I truly believe that he SAVED MY LIFE. He did this as a favor to me and because he loves his work. He knows that his work is important and is a matter of life and death. I only with the inspectors in my area had the same passion for their work. Your area is very lucky to have such a dedicated inspector. I hope you will do everything in your power to assure he remains an inspector in your area.

    I did not cut and paste all but here is a sampling of the appreciation and respect I have received here thanks I will post more later
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