Exhaust fan blade rattling

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Snowy Rivers

Minister of Fire
Hearth Supporter
Feb 7, 2010
NW Oregon
Back this spring I had a vent fire (little one) and noticed it when I came into the room and noticed a burn paint smell.

Upon inspection I realized that there was an ISSUE.

The exhaust fan was rattling (rubbing against the inside of the housing)

After cooling the stove off and clearing the vent I removed the inspection cover (round port) and noticed that the fan blade was very very close to one side of the housing.

This in on a Whitfield Prodigy II and the exhaust fan is mounted in the center upper part of the stove and is basically cantilevered with a very long shaft that extends through the cast housing and has a radial type blade and then another cooling blade between the housing and the motor to keep it cool.

Whoever installed the fan originally or during a service set the blade way too close the the housing and under some conditions it RATTLES and is very annoying.

This usually happens just after filling the hopper.

This morning it got worse and no amount of fooling would stop it.

I shut the stove off and let it cool, removed the access panels and had a peek.

The fan motor has a small adjustable bracket that hold the back of the motor up and stabilizes it.

A quick trip to the hardware store to get a couple larger sheet metal screws as the ones there had stripped out the mounting holes.
Got a piece of sheet rubber about 1/16" thick to and cut a small chunk to isolate the bracket from the stoves inner panel too.

With some good screws that can actually tighten up and the rubber piece, then adjusting things so the motor was shifted over a tad bit the rattle is all gone.

Eventually I plan to remove the housing's cover and loosen the fan blade and slide it in about 1/4" and be done with it.

With the fire season upon us I don't want to risk having a hard to get part break or ???? and not have the stove available.

All is well.

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