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solarguy Posted By solarguy, Jan 16, 2008 at 1:21 PM

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    Some of you are using propane tanks for water storage & I think thats some real innovated thinking. For those of you that are the expansion tank on your existing heating system will be to small to accept the expansion. You are going to need an expansion tank of a larger capacity & the formula to work that out is as follows:

    Vt= (0.00041T-0.0466)Vs / (Pa}(Pa)

    Vt= minimun volume of tanks
    Vs= volume of system, not including expansion tanks
    T= system operating temperature
    Pa= atmospheric pressure
    Pf= fill pressure
    Po= maximum operating pressure

    I would also recommend you incorporate a seperate pressure & temperature relief valve on each vessel.

    Again this is some pretty cool thinking & I'd hate to see the use of propane tanks outlawed because someone leveled their house due to an improper installation.
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