Extremely large flame Englander

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New Member
Nov 17, 2023
Hello everyone.

I have an Englander 25 PDVC manufacture date 10/00

First off, I have scoured all the posts on this site and have tried many different things but I’m still at a loss.

I’m having an issue with the flame getting really hot and large as the stove continues to burn pellets through the day.

I check the setting and it is at “d”. I have played around with the lower settings as well. I started at 6-4-1 then moved to 2-4-1. I burn usually at 1 or 2 for the heat setting. I use Energex pellets. I recently replaced the glass gasket, door gasket and hopper gasket. The augers are working properly. We changed out the combustion motor a couple of years ago.

The stove was working fine for years, then last year at the last big snowstorm we got we lost power. Ever since then the flame has been ridiculous. In the beginning the flame is ok but by by hour 8 it’s erratic and you can’t even touch the stove it’s so hot.

I added a video of the flame.

Thanks for your help!


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