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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    I have a gas log system in my brand new home. I read in your web site that mantles and wood areas should be protected or removed to prevent damage from heat. My mantle and tiles around the gas logs get EXTREMELY hot after only 15-20 min of burning. It does not really heat the room to any appreciable amount ( I can't enjoy the fireplace like I could with my old wood log fireplace and chimney ) Since I didn't know this before I had the house Built, (ah what we learn through experience) is there anything I can do (like have a blower installed to dissipate the heat into the room instead of the wall) to allow me to enjoy the fireplace?


    How hot is too hot? If the wood can still be touched for a few seconds without burning your hand, then it may not be too hot. Water at 120 F will scald you, yet wood would not be too hot (for code) at 150 F.... So, it may be relative. If it gets hotter that this, check the installation manual...make certain the proper clearances are being followed. In addition, a hood (deflector) may be available..or m,ay be able to be made to deflect the heat from the top of the unit outward. If your manual mentions a blower (some units have them..some not), this would also push the heat out.
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