Q&A Failed Fan on Vermont Castings Winterwarm Insert (Small)

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 24, 2007 at 5:11 AM

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    Could you advise on the best way to reach and replace the left side fan on this unit, in order to replace the motor/fan assembly (motor is locked)? How much disassembly is required? Also, could you recommend a thermometer/thermocouple assembly to measure flue temps in order to judge proper catalyst cut-in time? Many thanks for the great site.


    There's no easy way to replace the flat-pack fan on the WSI. You must disconnect power cord and venting, pull the unit out onto the hearth, and remove the sheet metal casing that houses the fan. Contact CFM Maestic's Tech Service Mgr., Brian Carroll @ bcarroll@cfmmajestic.com for some detailed instructions. I'm sure he can fax it to you.Flue thermometer----a waste of time. A lot of fun if you are an engineer, but fits into the "Get a Life" category. My advice----get a good bed of coals going (2-3"), load the wood. When it catches close the damper, wait a few seconds (15), and set the air. The combustor should activate and you shouldn't have smoke leaving your chimney. Good luck.

    Link: Majestic / Vermont Castings
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