Firelight catalytic combustor chamber

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Sep 11, 2017
Hello, I have a question about my Jotul Firelight wood stove. The ceramic fiber board chamber that the catalytic element is inserted into is falling apart, and I'm looking for options on materials that could be used instead. In the past ten years I've replaced the chamber twice. I'm a Steamfitter / Welder by trade and am wondering if steel would work the same as the fiber ceramic board. Any thoughts? thanks in advance.
High temperature fiber boards do come in different temperature ratings and other properties but I have no idea what the requirements of your Jotul are. I would think a cat chamber in a woodstove would be an ideal application for cast refractory ceramic but that would likely work best as an integrated design, not a retrofit.
While the sec cat chamber is very expensive (about $480 to replace from Jotul), the correct answer is to not ever modify your stove. It was designed with the ceramic chamber, that is really what is supposed to be used.
Insurance companies love to find out a stove has been modified, one more reason not to pay a claim.

I have a new- in -box refractory for Firelight , sell for $350 plus shipping if interested...
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