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    Dear Xpert, I bought a new insert for burning wood. Now I have to build the fireplace around it. The insert has chimney connection plus to more vents to heat other rooms. The space around and over the insert is supposed to have vents to heat the area around the fireplace. With so many connections, I am scared that if I build it out of brick and mortar and later need to access the top part of the insert, I will run into problems. Therefore, I am thinking of building the two sides and lower parts out of brick but build the part above the insert ( facing the room ) out of some other material which can be removed for servicing. Can this be done ? If yes, what material would you advice ? Sincerely, Kerim


    Kerim, There are so many variables it's most difficult to give you a straight answer. The product you are describing sounds like one that would not require total masonry material around it. Instead by maintaining proper clearances around the "insert," you would be able to frame using either wood or metal studs. That way you could design a service access panel that could be removed. You could, or would then place masonry around the front to give the fireplace appearance. However, this will depend on the manufacturer of the insert, and under what installation requirements the product has been safely tested and listed. This is the determining factor.

    Find the Owner's Manual, and review what's written. If you cannot find it, check the back of the product for a metal safety label which will give you the manufacturer's name, model number, and serial number. That's the starting point, because the rest is simply guessing. Always play it safe. Good luck.
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