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    We are looking for an alternative to a fireplace screen. We have a stone fireplace. I would like glass doors, but the sides of the opening are not straight because of the stones. (The top is straight though.) We went to a fireplace store who told us about your website. They only offered the curtain screens that hang from the top, which is what we may have to go with. Any suggestions???


    You have a couple of choices---both of which will not be inexpensive. Option #1: You can have a mason even out the sides with mortar to match the top, and then install doors over the outside of the fireplace. Option #2: If the stones are not too irregular, install doors over the outside and place fiberglass insulation in between the stones and door frame for a seal (not very visually pleasing. Option #3: Have someone measure the actual fireplace opening and have a custom door ordered to fit "inside" under the lentil versus outside the stone. In my previous life I've done that for some very exclusive homes in Woodstock, Vermont. The installation is a bit more tedious,but it can be done with special securing brackets. That's the option I would choose if it were my home. You can try Portland Williamette by visiting their website for dealer & door information at www.portwill.com
    11/2007 IN the past we've used the fiberglass method described above in #2, but then we would use the fiberglass as a backing, put masking tape on the doors and mortar the gap between the door frame and the rocks. gave it a more appealing finish.
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