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    I bought a house that has a door-less fireplace. I'd like to add doors, but I know nothing about them. For example, would it matter whether I use gas logs or burn wood? See, I'm not even sure what questions to ask!
    I've been searching the Web, and so far I've seen lots of ads, and little helpful information for a novice. Any info you can provide will be appreciated!


    Here's the scoop:

    Gas Logs: Doors must be open when gas logs are used. Only screen can be shut at this time.

    Wood: Glass doors are still usually open when the fire is burning hot, but can be closed when the first is burning lower. This saves the loss of heat from the home. It also provides additional safety.

    Types: If your fireplace is real masonry...the flue and structure, you can pick any glass door. If you have a pre-fabricated (metal) fireplace and flue, it;s best to only use the ones made by the same manufacturer. In fact, it can be VERY dangerous to use "generic" glass doors on these fireplaces.
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