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    We are looking at buying a Temco TLC36-3 (wood burning) fireplace for use with new set of 18" Vanguard Flame-Max Vent-Free Gas Log which are rated at 16000 to 27500BTU's.
    The fireplace details say Gas Logs may be used in Temco fireplaces but we are not totally convinced.
    Do Vent-Free logs need a specific designed fireplace or will they work in any fireplace that says it is suitable for wood burning or gas logs?


    In this case, since the fireplace is approved for wood burning, there is no problem installing virtually any gas log into the box. This fireplace, however, must be installed complete with it's own chimney system. The flue can then be used either open or closed.

    If you want to install a fireplace without a chimney, both Temco and Vanguard have fireboxes available for this purpose.
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