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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 16, 2007 at 2:31 AM

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    We are having a problem with the pilot light staying lit. What should we do? The product manual states to call a technician or the gas company-is there anything that we can do first?


    If you are handy...Chances are that either:

    1. The thermocouple is bad..this is the small bulb that the pilot light covers with flame. In this case, you'd have to unscrew the other end from the gas valve and replace it.
    2. Perhaps the pilot light is not high enough...this also would cause it to go out - the pilot must be hitting the thermocouple with enough heat to generate a small electrical charge. This tells the gas valve that it is OK for it to stay open and allow gas to flow. Try cleaning out the area that the pilot flame comes out of--use a paper clip and a straw (blow into it to remove dust).

    There is also an adjustment on some gas valves to turn the pilot up.

    Sounds like you need a new thermocouple, though.
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