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    For a long time now- I've been looking to improve my (masonry) fireplace. I want to avoid having my heating bill go up when I use it. On the other hand- I've been put off by the $2000 cost of high-efficiency fireplace inserts. And the ones from Builder's Square that cost $160 don't look good- either. Also- I want to preserve (most of?) the large space provided by my fireplace. The inserts (even the largest) are simply too small. The view gets lost in the wall (just aesthetic preference)- I guess. My fireplace is approx 34"x27"x24" (from memory- but I'm not off by more than 3" in any dimension). So- my goal is more modest. I'm looking for a product that will improve my fireplace efficiency to the point of not needing any extra heating while using it. Perhaps some grate with a heat-exchanger built in to force warm air out into the room?


    There are three or four manufacturers of these devices.
    Some can be found at the Link below - Online Retailer Northline Express

    Link: Northline Express
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