Fireplace Insert for Super Tight Home ( maybe Passive House)

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New Member
Jan 1, 2022
Long Island, NY
Hi There,

I am new here and I am renovating my home in Long Island, NY.

I need your help for choosing a fireplace insert that would perform well in a tightly build home. I love fire and I love well sealed and insulated home. I know it is not an ideal combination. But there has to be a way to make it work, right?
I guess I would need one with an outside air intake and tightly sealed firebox. I can have the house being slightly positively pressurized by bringing in extra air when the stove is on. Has anyone had good experience with a product in a tightly sealed home? There are just so many brands there and I am planning to go to a Morso dealer in the long island this weekend to take a look. But i saw there are some mixed reviews here with Morso 5660B.

Currently the fireplace's opening is 36" W x 32"H x 20" D, with an exterior brick chimney.

I am hoping the stove will provide much of the heating needs but I'll have a backup system in the basement ( an old oil furnace). The house will be renovated in phases but eventually it is going to be close to passive house standards.

Thank you all in advance.


Feeling the Heat
Aug 2, 2016
NW Iowa
I'm working with the same issue, but at the very first early stages. I would think a tall enough chimney, direct outside air intake and possibly an ERV that is on full time or cycled on rather long run times while burning should make it do-able.

My question is how to seal up with chimney during the off months to take it out of the equation for half the year.