Fireplace Insert Inspection

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New Member
Sep 22, 2023
Colorado Springs
Hoping for some assistance on a recent inspection of my 1970's Majestic metal wood burning insert. This is the first time I've used this company and contacted him for a cleaning and inspection. He did the inspection but said no cleaning was necessary because there was no creosote. He indicated that we'd been burning fires too hot for the insert and damaged the flue. He recommended to not use it at all and it would be a carbon monoxide and potential fire hazard issue. Hoping some kind folks in the forum can take a look at the pictures and see if this is legit. Thank you!

Fireplace Insert Inspection Fireplace Insert Inspection Fireplace Insert Inspection
The guy is crazy! Nothing wrong with that. It’s just another scare tactic from a chimney sweep. Around here they’ve become known for crap like this.
I can't tell exactly what's going on there but it certainly doesn't look very bad if at all