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    Hello, We would like your expert advice on two different types of inserts both wood burning. One is called Volcano, manufactured by Supreme Fireplaces Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, it is a stainless steel lined insert that has the output capacity of 90,000 BTU & heats up to 2200 square feet. This model is vertical to the wall and has a Life warrantee. The second is called Nordica, manufactured by Nordic Steel Products, it is steel with a brick interior it has the output capacity of 50,000 BTU & heats up to 1700 sq. ft. This model extends out by 7 inches. Our question to you is how do we know which model is the best to fit our needs? How come the stainless steel interior can burn so high a BTU and will it be as efficient if we do not burn it at it's maximum? Is stainless really good? Is the model that protrudes out more effective for heating? or is it all now just a choice of preference of looks? Are there any other factors that we should be taking into consideration? We have been told both units are built to EPA standards but do not have the stamp since it is not a requirement in Canada.


    Neither company is well known in the US. There are few, if any stoves in the US that use an entire stainless steel firebox. It is a good material for this use, however, it is not really needed. Plate steel or cast iron work well and hold up for decades. As far as the BTU specs, these can be misleading. It is really rare to use a stove at the highest output level, as this would run you out of the room and consume great amounts of wood.

    The insert which extends onto the hearth may provide better heat radiation than the "flush" model. It may also have a ledge for setting a kettle or heating a pot. This could be handy if the power fails.

    Also, you have to enjoy the visual appeal of the unit.
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