Q&A Fireplace leaks in heavy rain?

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Nov 27, 2012

We have a brick fireplace...which was built 21 years ago with the house. The fireplace was never used by the original owner, nor us up to this point. I noticed the outside brick on the left side of the chimney 1/2 way down had several bricks that were crumbled (and should be replaced). About two weeks ago during a heavy rain, I noticed on the inside of the fireplace (left side also)...the inside floor was damp on a couple of the floor bricks, but not all. The rest of the fireplace was completely dry. I don't know what to do (what would you recommend). I went up on the roof and the chimney cap and seals around it are NOT cracked. The flashing around the chimney was replaced three years ago, along with the roof and all appears to be in excellent condition. I value your input and any guidance an/or recommendations would truly be appreciated.


Remember that masonry is porous...even if it doesn't leak.

What you should do is the following:

1. Install a cap on the chimney if it does not already have one.

2. Check and caulk the seam between the flue tile and the top of the chimney (the chimney crown)

3. Waterproof the masonry at the top of the chimney...or the entire chimney by using one of the clear products designed for such use.

I think that will help. You should also get the cracked bricks you mentioned seen to, and check the area around them for other damage.
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