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Nov 27, 2012

I'm a fireplace rookie. I have two questions about my woodburning fireplace. First- what kind of place sells different kind of logs for me to burn- and what do you recommend (for enjoyment- not warmth). Second- I get my fires started using a Duraflame log on the bottom with real wood on top. Is this OK to do? Thanks- Jon


If it's an open fireplace- Duraflame or other factory made logs are OK. However- these logs do not make good starters sinces they are designed to burn slowly. The same stores should have other products better suited to starting fires. If you get good- a little newspaper and some dry kindling will do the job just fine.If you use "real" wood to burn- make certain it's completely dry and well seasoned (old)
For articles on starting and maintaining a fire, see the link belowl

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