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    We recently purchased the 44A 32" Model Fireplace Xtrordinair. We have burned about 15 fires and the glass windows are black. What causes this and what can we clean the glass with? I phoned the distributor and he didn't know. Thank you. Julie Reichardt


    The glass may have gotten dirtier than usual because of the warmer time of year and the fact that you probably started smaller fires. Most modern stoves use an air wash system which relies on air coming down from above running across the glass. This keeps smoke from settling on the glass door surface.

    If you started the stove up slowly, or smoldered it, this would cause the doors to get black quickly. The key is to start the fire briskly, perhaps keeping the door opened a bit while the chimney warms up. Do not put it in catalytic mode until the fire is well established.

    Check out the fire starting and burning tips at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html

    Also, there are special glass cleaners made for stoves. Your local fireplace store should have them. There is a new article with glass cleaning instructions at:

    Link: Article on cleaning glass
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