Firewood Wagon-Cart Recommendations?

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Aug 17, 2020
Western MA
Moving my wood from delivery area to stacking area and from stacking area to outside my house door with a wheelbarrow has gotten old. I end up moving 6 cords a year, 3 green to stack and 3 dried to the house. In looking for a better way, I hit upon the idea of a heavy-duty cart with four wheels and a handle to pull it. Like the wagons with removable sides we had when we were kids, except made of steel mesh and able to move 600 lbs at a time. 6 cu ft capacity ought to do it.

I started looking around and there are so many options it makes my head spin, so I'm wondering if anyone here moves their wood that way and has a recommendation of a model they're happy with. Not to be too picky, but no-flat tires and a price under $150 would be ideal.

Thanks to all...
Do you have a riding lawnmower? I have used a lawnmower trailer pulled behind an old Murray mower with the deck removed. I'm not on flat ground and pushing a wheelbarrow or Gardenway cart got old after years of it.
I've been using a GorillaCart for years for general gardening work. Had one problem with it (a broken weld in the frame - probably my fault). Getting and installing a replacement part was easy,

The 4 cu ft version (GCG-4) has a 600 lb capacity and seems to cost around $130 with pneumatic tires. I used those for years, but eventually replaced them with the no-flat sort for around $25/tire. Some GorillaCarts come with no-flat tires.
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I have one of these with wider tires on it. Found it on marketplace for 150 and ended up getting it for 100 because I helped the guy install a snowmobile rack on his pickup. I like them alot.

Firewood Wagon-Cart Recommendations?