First chimney cleaning results

cbrodsky Posted By cbrodsky, Jan 19, 2006 at 12:21 AM

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  1. cbrodsky

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    Jan 19, 2006
    Millbrook, NY
    We have a new Woodstock Fireview stove (AWESOME stove - will write more about it later)

    We have been burning nearly 24x7 since mid October, and have used somewhere between 1-2 cords so far. We do damp the fire quite a bit during the day while at work and at night, and as everyone here said, the stove holds heat really really well and it's cake to use in this fashion.

    The chimney is double-wall stovepipe up to 9' first floor ceiling, then class A chimney through the second floor and attic, and out above the roofline. This past weekend, I opened up the chimney to see how things looked. (second time; after 2-3 weeks, didn't see much) There were some black crystals along the pipe that easily loosened when I touched them. I went ahead and swept it out, collecting the dust to see how much there was. I would say there was about 1 cup collected when I was done. (about a baseball sized handful) The chimney brush worked great too - quite easy to do.

    Based on this initial result, how often should I be cleaning? How much chimeny crud is too much to see between cleanings? (i.e. how much buildup starts to put you at risk of a chimney fire?)

  2. elkimmeg

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    I clean mine at the start of the season then around midway point about now. If you are getting a cup or so
    things are good you are getting a good burn. Unless you use wetter wood, you should be ok till the end of the
    heating season. I also check mine bi weekly just for piece of mind.
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