First Hot reload

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Burning Hunk
Jan 25, 2020
Just got my new F55, I installed Saturday did me first few break in fires though to Sunday. I did a full load from cold start Sunday evening the stove performed perfectly. I started a fire after work last night around 5:30 about a half load maybe less. That burned nice and steady at about 9 or so I opened the air up all the way to burn it down for a reload before bed. I had it fully loaded at around 10:30 with red oak closed the air down as soon as I saw good flames. The stove took off, pretty high flue 900-1000 on the probe and stove top Temps at 700+. I taped off the rectangle slot in the bottom of the stove that got the Temps from increasing but it stayed high till about 11:30 or so. Before I left for work i still had plenty of coals for a restart 10 hrs later. I guess I should have shut the air right away I guess. I ordered a butterfly damper should have it in a couple weeks! Until then cold start without I full load
This happens to most of us at some point. Turning down the air in a timely manner is important. Try turning down the air to say 50% after the hot reload, even if the wood is not fully aflame. Go by the flue temp and try to keep it below 700º. At the start, with a new stove, it's best to do the first full reloads during the day when you can watch the full burn cycle.

OK, that said. I had a similar experience this morning and I have been burning in this stove for 13 yrs. It's 28º and windy so the draft is strong. I woke up to a generous bed of hot coals and the house was down to 67º which is how we like it for sleeping. I loaded up a mix of hardwood and doug fir on the hot coal bed. The fire caught on quickly. Even with close regulation, the flue temp rose at peak to 840º and stayed there for about 30 minutes until I turned the blower on high. Then it settled down to around 750 for another 30 minutes with a 700º stovetop. The heat was welcome and the house is up to 71º now. Three hours later the stovetop temp is down to 550 with a 600 flue temp. It does get a little exciting at times.
I don't think I was in danger of harming the stove, the probe is lower on the pipe than recommended about 18 inches. So that might account for the higher flue temp. The stove top has about 50 degree higher reading from the IR thermometer so that seems to me to be within spec. I'll get a damper installed when it comes in and think about a blower in the future