First Time This Year


Feeling the Heat
Jan 9, 2019
When I got home this evening both woodstoves were going. I thought I might sneak through this year without firing up the second stove, but nope, the fire bug was busy. A fire was burning in the outside fire pit, and both woodstoves in the house were going.
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Minister of Fire
Dec 20, 2018
Southern WI
I tried to get away with 1 burner keeping my house warm. This year I found it to not be possible, especially when it gets as cold as it has been for the past week. If forecast has teens or below, burner 2 gets fired up. Less fighting to keep us warm. Good thing I have 3 burners in the house...
As for the fire pit, would be nice to sit out by a fire. But its too cold and it's buried under a bunch of snow.


Minister of Fire
Oct 7, 2012
Northwest Lower Michigan
Most I’ve done this season is put my stove up to setting 3 (out of 5) for a short time after work until the house got up to 70. It’s been close but not even been below zero yet this season. There have been times mid February when it was -20f and I’d be running on 5. Haven’t had any frost on the OAK either this season. that’s a first.

Last weekend was the first time this season I had to snowblow twice in one weekend.