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Oct 18, 2013
isher Stoves were a brand that is credited for starting the modern Airtight and Efficient Woodstove boom.

Starting with an plan in Bob Fishers mind, the company expanded to franchisees all over the world and fueled the energy Independence craze during the 1970’s Oil shocks.

For the collector or history buff, there is a LOT to know about Fisher Stoves, and we at Hearth.com are trying hard to collect every possible scrap of information. Below is some of the most popular information along with links to our treasure trove of Fisher Knowledge….

Basic Fisher Stove Model Identification:

Bear Series (single door stoves)

Papa Bear ; Single door, two air intakes, takes up to 30 inch log. Heats up to 2250 sf.

Mama Bear ; Single door, two air intakes, takes up to 24 inch log. Heats up to 1750 sf.

Baby Bear ; Single door, single ait intake , takes up to 18 inch log. Heats up to 1250 sf.

Fireplace Series (double door stoves)

Grandma Bear ; takes up to 20 inch log and uses 5 bricks across back. Heats up to 1750.

Grandpa Bear ; takes up to 24 inch log and uses 6 bricks across back. Heats up to 2250.

Flat top doors were painted black, cast iron. They are pre 1980.

Arched top doors are after 1979. They were available black, nickel plate, brass plate, and later brass and glass.

All stoves made to go into a hearth or fireplace are called Fisher Fireplace Inserts. (no bear name given)

They were available with solid cast iron doors, or brass and glass doors for heating up to 2000 sf.

Later, a smaller Insert with brass and glass or solid cast iron doors called the Honey Bear Insert was made to heat up to 1200 sf. The Polar Bear Insert was for fabricated metal or “zero clearance” fireplaces.

The first Freestanding Pedestal type fireplace / stove was the Mobile Home approved Goldilocks (Logs to 16”) with outdoor air intake up through the center pedestal, no air intake through the doors. By 1983, two more pedstal type stoves were offered called Teddy Bear (same size as Goldilocks) and the smaller Honey Bear (logs to 14”) These models were also available in a configuration for HUD and mobile homes with outside air intakes. (a freestanding, 4 leg mobile home approved, glass and brass door Honey Bear was also made). More about these models will be found later in this thread. Size, and heating capacities can be found as well as dating your stove and much more. ALL Fisher stoves are welded 1/4” thick steel plate, most having 5/16” thick tops. ALL steel plate construction is specified to be HRS or Hot Rolled Steel.


Ok, so there are some basics. You can start your amazing journey though the land of Fisher Stoves by following the links below! Hearth.com Fisher Stove Forum with Hundreds of Pages of Information about Fisher Woodburning Stoves Hearth.com Wiki Articles about Fisher - Links to Manuals, Pictures and More PDF Book on Bob Fishers life and his building of the stove and company Everything Fisher - the largest and longest forum thread in history regarding Fisher Stoves!
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