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  1. D

    Proper Air Control & Throat Flue Damper Operation for an old Fisher Insert

    Hello! New member / First time poster. First off, thank you for your website - it is full of excellent advice and has been a tremendous resource to me! I have a question about best practice / most efficient use of the air controls and flue dampers on my “old” Fisher wood stove insert...
  2. L

    Fisher Help for an amateur

    Hi All! What a great forum! Never posted here before and I'm looking for some help. I tried to find my answers in previous posts without much luck, so I apologize if this a repeat. If so any help finding the previous thread would be very much appreciated. Anyhow, I saved a Fisher (i'm thinking...
  3. S

    1980s Fisher Insert adapt to chimney pipe

    I have an old 1980s fisher fireplace insert currently I have a clay liner. I’ve attached some pics of the insert and flu. I think the flu is around 8” and the hole inside the insert is around 7” Maybe 20 ft from top of insert to top of chimney. I want to put a new stove pipe inside the flu...
  4. N

    I was Bob Fishers first employee -

    I was Bob Fishers first employee. If I remember correctly, It was 1971 - 1972, I was 19 yrs. old and a certified welder. Bob and I worked at the same welding shop in Springfield, Oregon. Bob was looking for a welder to go with him on his new business adventure. I accepted. There were 2 of us...
  5. KFISH

    Fisher Wood Stove I.D. HELP!

    Looking to identify a Fisher woodstove I found on Facebook Marketplace. I'd like to give it a new life in my pole barn after some TLC. The SOB is heavier than I ever thought! Any info is much appreciated. Also, many of the firebricks are broken inside. Any recommendations as to where I can...
  6. Fisher Woodstove.jpg

    Fisher Woodstove.jpg

    What model of Fisher is this?
  7. B

    Please help! New House has a fisher stove…no idea what I’m doing.

    I recently bought a house that has a fisher stove in the basement. The previous owner only lived at the house for a short period of time and never used it. I am having people professionally clean it, etc. but I have no idea how it works or what model it is. (How does it heat the house? Is there...
  8. N

    Wood stove info/identify

    This stove was in our home when we moved in. We are planning to move it/sell it but I was hoping to identify it first. After reading other forums it appears to possibly be a fisher. Measures 24" wide 30" long and about 33" tall at highest point. There are no initials or date from what I could see
  9. D

    Fisher - help what model is this

    Looking for some help identifying what model this is and an approximate age.
  10. R

    Fisher Baby Bear stove, high density firebricks?

    Hi there! I have just found myself a Fisher Baby Bear stove from the early 80s (with the cathedral door.. I've been doing some reading about it on this amazing site!). I have cleaned it up, painted it and I'm about to re-do the fire bricks, but I am unsure if high density fire bricks are safe...
  11. I

    Fisher Insert

    We recently bought a house with what I believe is a Fisher Fireplace Insert that was installed by the previous owner. We had a chimney inspection so we know it is installed correctly, and we have used it with no issues. The Fireplace Insert does not have the surround/flashing/trim kit and air...
  12. J

    Need Help Fisher Stove

    Please Help. I have recently installed a Fisher Grandpa bear 3 into my basement. It was in the house before we bought it but while we rented the owner had removed it. Now that we have it in I cannot get any heat off of it. the wood I’m burning is burning great. I can get a good burning fire...
  13. J

    Fisher Identification Request

    Hey all, looking for some help as my a Fisher wood stove does not match any of the dimensions that I’ve been able to find here. It’s similar to a Grandpa Bear stove, but the dimensions are larger... Pictures are attached and here are the exterior measurements: 32 1/4” Across the top plate...
  14. FirstFisher

    Questions from a newbie about restoring an old Fisher (Grandpa III perhaps?)

    Hello, I grew up in the city with central heat and air. When my husband and I moved to a more rural area we were excited that our home already had an old Fisher wood stove. We've trying to fix it up, but there is quite a bit of rust and pitting on the surface. Using a wire brush and steel wool...
  15. harbinger50

    Clearances Reduction thoughts for Mama Bear

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and trying to read as much as I can, but still wanted to post up with a couple ideas and or questions. I got a mama bear from a friend who's grandparents had moved it out to a shop for storage for the last 30+ years. Outside of some surface rust (took care of...
  16. J

    Identifying Fisher Stove

    Hello, I moved into a new home and have noticed a fisher stove I was intrigued to find that these stoves are no longer made. I have the concern that maybe the stove is a knock off. But was wondering if someone could help identify the stove to see if maybe it is truly a fisher stove. Any...
  17. V

    Mystery Fisher

    I recently came into possession of a fisher Stove as pictured. It seems to be a bit of an oddball. It has a bottom and rear heat shield, no UL listing or any other data plate, nor holes or rivets for one, and Fisher Brass and glass doors. Seems like a Grandma Bear 3. Here’s where it gets...
  18. otsegony

    Jotul F55 — Where does the heat go?

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but this is a complex issue. A bit of background: We live in upstate NY in a 2000 sq. ft. house built in 2003 that is very well insulated. When we originally built the house it was designed to have an internal wood boiler to supply hot water to the radiant heat...
  19. RennyBlack

    Help with Fisher Fireplace insert, please!

    Hi! So we ended up with a Fisher fireplace insert recently, and now we are in a rut as to how to install it safely and correctly in our fireplace hole. As far as I was able to find out, it seems to be be missing the damper. Will I need that or is it an optional thing? In the...
  20. C

    Changing Rear Vent to Top Vent

    Hi everyone I wanted to get your opinons on changing a rear vent stove to a top vent. I just bought an old fisher that is a rear vent and it would work better if it was a top vent. Has anyone been successful welding the original vent shut or does the weld constantly break and is it always an...
  21. scotbro59

    Fisher Fireplace Insert Baffle

    I recently purchased a home that had a 1980 Fisher Fireplace Insert. I used the insert for the first time in November, and although it's my first wood insert or wood stove, I noticed immediately the flames (and heat) going straight up the flue and the smoke coming out of my chimney. I was...
  22. C

    Grandma Bear Good or Bad

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I bought a fisher Grandma bear III that is in immaculate condition. When I made the trip to get the stove the seller told me it was 30 inches wide so I was super excited to get what I thought was a grandpa bear only to get there and find it's a grandma...
  23. ken morgan

    Home made wood stove.

    this is basically an updated version of a fisher stove with a baffle and a reburn section added into the design, as well as a glass window in the side for aesthetics and ambiance. It is a little smaller on the outside than a Fisher "Momma Bear" due to the need to match to the japanese fire...
  24. C

    Do fisher insert doors fit on a grandma stove

    Does anybody know if Fisher wood stove insert doors will fit on a Fisher Grandma Bear stove? They both have the arched doors but the insert has the nickel plate and before I buy it I was hoping to find out if it would fit my grandma bear stove with black doors. Thanks
  25. O

    Fisher with double doors

    I have acquired this double door Fisher with a new house. It measures 24 wide and 25 high and is approx 40 deep. After looking some I've not yet come across the double door style in my searches. Can anyone provide some info on this? Thanks, Mark
  26. H

    Old Buffalo Stove ID - New Member

    Hello all! My parents picked up this cool stove a few years back, but we never could find anything on it until now. the paint is chipping off in a few places, but it is all original, no repair welds or cracks, original handles, bolts, and feet. Pretty cool piece for sure. I found this section...
  27. J

    Help - New House with Fisher Stove - Questions for first time user

    Hi all! I'm in NC awaiting this winter storm and need help with my wood stove! Short story: can I use this stove safely if our power goes out? Fire bricks are badly cracked and I've never used this before Long story: we just bought a house a few months ago and I've never used a wood stove...
  28. Ssteger20

    Wood Stove ID Help!?!

    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum page and looking forward to learning more about classic wood burning stoves. That being said, I am hoping someone can give me some information on a wood stove I am going to buy today to heat my pole barn. It seems to be similar to the classic Fisher...
  29. C

    Fisher grandma bear wood stove value

    Looking to see what I should try to sell this for. I completely refinished it inside and out with brand new bricks.