Fisher with double doors

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Anyone I D this unit?

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New Member
Jun 23, 2017
I have acquired this double door Fisher with a new house. It measures 24 wide and 25 high and is approx 40 deep. After looking some I've not yet come across the double door style in my searches. Can anyone provide some info on this? Thanks, Mark


Chimney sweep
Staff member
Jan 14, 2014
central pa
Look in the classic stove forum there is a fisher sub forum where you can get all of the fisher answers you want


Fisher Moderator
Staff member
Dec 22, 2007
40 inches deep must be an Insert.
Pictures will identify it .
Here are the dimensions of the "Fisher Fireplace Insert". Adding the ash fender (ash shelf) at the front may bring it to your depth dimension approx 40 deep?
Insert drawing.jpg

Some good pictures are needed to give you a build time frame. There were changes made through the years to all models. Door style, intake dampers, door springs , handle shapes all determine year of production.