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  1. C

    Insert value?

    Hi. I have a Fisher Wood Stove Insert in a house I just purchased, and we are not going to be keeping it. It looks like the one pictured here (I have loads of pics at home but not here at work). I don't know how old it is, or if it's been used much at all. It's very clean and in beautiful...
  2. T

    Should we keep this old Fisher?

    My dad recently passed and we are converting the house to rent rooms, although I will still live here. The stove hasn't been used in a decade or two (nor has the chimney been swept) but there is some nostalgic value, as it was our only source of heat growing up and my mom built tiny...
  3. S

    Retaining my Fisher

    Hi. I posted briefly on another thread about my Fisher stove, in Wellington NZ. probably a Honey Bear - brass cathedral doors. It never worked properly, and we were going to get rid of it in our renovation, but we have decided to keep it, and see if we can resurrect it. I found quite a large...
  4. K

    Interested in selling antique fisher wood burning stove

    My husband and I bought a house in May 2015 and it came with a beautiful old Fisher Grandpa wood burning stove in great condition. However we will never use it because my husband is building a bedroom in the room stove was in. Does anyone know where or what websites would be best to post...
  5. lango

    Hello! Fisher (large) Insert- door repair question

    Hi- I'm fairly new here- mostly lurking around for the past year. I went in pursuit of a Fisher insert, last year- the small one with glass in the doors. I bought it, and spotted a large insert that I'd rather have. It was rusty, with no surround parts, or flue damper parts. I left with them...
  6. J

    Mama Bear help.

    Hi everyone! I moved into our new house this last winter. It came with a old "comforter" stove. It has a picture of a bird on the front. It doesn't heat really well and sometimes smokes out the top randomly. (I have no idea why) To make a long story short. I found a great deal on a...
  7. webfish


    isher Stoves were a brand that is credited for starting the modern Airtight and Efficient Woodstove boom. Starting with an plan in Bob Fishers mind, the company expanded to franchisees all over the world and fueled the energy Independence craze during the 1970’s Oil shocks. For the collector...