Insert value?

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Oct 24, 2016
Kimberley BC Canada
Hi. I have a Fisher Wood Stove Insert in a house I just purchased, and we are not going to be keeping it. It looks like the one pictured here (I have loads of pics at home but not here at work). I don't know how old it is, or if it's been used much at all. It's very clean and in beautiful shape. I would like to sell it locally, as the house is in a town where everyone has a wood stove or fireplace. Can someone please help me find it's used value? Not even sure of the model. Thanks.


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Dec 22, 2007
There is no "used value". What ever the buyer and seller agree upon.
I can tell you they vary by season, so right now they are higher than summer.
If it has a UL or CSA tag it makes it more valuable since it may be able to be used legally.
A blower and fire viewing screen should raise the value as well. Depending on the blower, that can be worth as much as the Insert.
One problem will be that BC has some of the strictest regulations re woodburning emissions in Canada also it is likely the stove doesn't have a CSA or ULC tag therefore will only be useful for a camp or scrap. I took out dozens of them here in Nova Scotia and not once was ever able to resell one as no insurance company will insure a property with one. Sorry
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