Changing Rear Vent to Top Vent

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Dec 21, 2017
Star Valley, Wy
Hi everyone I wanted to get your opinons on changing a rear vent stove to a top vent. I just bought an old fisher that is a rear vent and it would work better if it was a top vent. Has anyone been successful welding the original vent shut or does the weld constantly break and is it always an issue. I know a good machinist/welder but I don't want to proceed if its going to be impossible to seal up the original vent hole. Thanks
If you look at Jotul stoves, such as the 3CB, when changing from rear to top, the hole is not welded shut.
There is a replacement "plug" that fits into the opening, is sealed with a gasket & is held in place with a bracket.
I would just sell that stove and find a top vent stove. To me its just an old fisher not worth the effort to switch the vent. You should be able to find something comperable with a top vent for a couple hundred bucks or so. Same as what your stove is worth.
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