Flaking on baffle plate on newly fitted stove

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New Member
Nov 28, 2023
Kent, UK
Hi all,

I've just found this excellent resource of knowledge online after doing lots of research on how to use/look after our wood burning stove.

We had a Bassington Eco installed yesterday, and have had three small fires (kindling and one log) yesterday with a cool down period in between to help temper the stove and cure the paint.

We had a small fire this morning, and have lit the fire this evening. My girlfriend has noticed that the baffle plate seems to be flaking, and we are concerned that there might be an issue with the stove, or is this quite normal? (See attached).

Thank you for any assistance!

Flaking on baffle plate on newly fitted stove
Sorry don't know what that's all about?
The paint appears to be flaking off which is not surprising. The plate is going to get hot and expand and contract with heating cycles. It's not a part that usually is painted. It's possible that the baffle plate was painted for just good showroom looks.