Flex King HD, Medium Weight Chimney Liner NOW AVAILABLE

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    Nov 26, 2012
    We are pleased to release a new product. We are manufacturing our Flex King HD liner from 304L or 316L. The metal strip is .010 inches thick.

    This liner is really a great alternative to the 2 ply smooth wall that we also manufacture because it is very sturdy. It can handle some really aggressive installations without damaging the smooth wall interior. With 2 ply, it is possible that damage to the outer layer of the pipe can affect the smoothness of the interior. There are also complications with ovalizing 2 ply liner. We can do it, but it’s a tricky process and has some limitations as to how much you can actually ovalize it. When you ovalize 1 ply or 2 ply pipe the coil diameter is increased which makes it hard to ship in a coil. With our Flex King HD you can ovalize it and coil it without any problems or major affect on the coil diameter.

    The installer can really benefit from a much heavier duty product while not increasing the weight. Homeowners love a comparison of the Flex King HD vs regular 1 ply liner. The difference is night and day.

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