FP30 pacific energy, brand new have a couple questions

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We installed an FP30 arch over the fall and have enjoyed using it so far this winter! Not getting as long of burns as I would've hoped, but still getting a good ammount of heat out & learning the ropes of it. Our blower was also making the occasional squeaking/rattling noises at certain speeds, but adjusting the blower speed seems to help.

Attached is a picture of the final install, and a close up of the switches - which I thought turned out pretty nice. I just used a standard rotary fan speed dial to be able to turn the blower off & adjust speeds, and then a pilot light switch to force the blower on when I want, or switch it back to 'auto' temperature controlled mode. The LED below the switch turns on whenever the fan is running, and off when it is not - that way I can quickly visually tell if the blower is on or off. Sometimes if I turn it down low or if the humidifier or TV is on, it can be hard to tell if the blower is actually on otherwise! I also usually turn the fan off when reloading to keep from blowing ashes around, so it's another good check when I'm sitting on the couch to make sure the blower is back on.
20200122_190139.jpg 20200122_190112.jpg
Hope that helps
That is perfect! thanks! i may get two. one for the main blower, and one for the heat transfer kit i may not have even needed. My living room is 78, upstairs just outside our bedrooms (open concept colonial) is 72. bathroom other end of the house is 71. I may look at returning the heat transfer kit, haven't installed it yet. still in the box.
Hi. We installed the Fp30 craftsman this fall with the fan assisted heat dump into the basement. We also wondered if it was necessary but have since found we are very glad we did. We use it mainly to control the heat in the dining room where it’s installed. This fireplace is a beast for putting out heat and with the heat dump, if we’re getting to warm we shut off the fireplace fan and turn on the heat dump fan. Works great for us. We also had the issue with the vibration from the fan but a couple felt washers between the fan and it’s bottom plate seems to have stopped it. Hope this helps.
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Hey. Wanted to update y'all. I've put maybe 2 cords through her since i got a late start last year and just started to burn again this year. I have a variable fan switch in now. I'm unsure how hot to burn her. Why the F didn't they include a thermometer if overburning is a possibility? I haven't seen any parts glow red, but i usually back off on the airflow when the hottest part of the glass gives temps at above 750. What prompted me to post is that i accidentally let her burn hotter when i added new logs, and it got to 950 and i noticed the secondary burn flames were shooting 8-9 inches downward from the port holes. I've never seen it that pronounced. I'm wondering if that isn't a bad thing to let it burn that hot. nothing was glowing read. How do you all judge that? Aside from avoid red-glowing parts, there must be recommendations from the manufacturer

fp30 unfinished.jpg
That's a nice looking install. It's harder to measure the temp accurately on a fireplace. The best bet will be to read top center on the door, not the glass.