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    I have a franco belge 10-75-310 coal stove and have not been able to get it to burn for more than twelve hours. It came with 5' chimney connection and i have tried 6" and & 7" stove pipe to increase the draft. My stove is mounted in a fireplace opening and the stove pipe is run about 15 ft inside a 13" masonry flue pipe. I have a 6' draft diverter installed right off the back of the stove, then a 90 degree elbow is attached to begin the run up the chimney. There are then two more 45 degree elbows attached to make the bend into the original chimney. Can you help? Also looking for an instruction booklet for this model franco belge. thank you


    Do not use the bigger pipe. A stove like this is so efficient that it needs to have a small pipe so the pipe can stay warm. Make certain that the stovepipe joints are sealed with furnace cement and that the heat exchangers on the stove are cleaned of fly ash.

    That's a lot of turns. If you can straighten out the pipe run this may help the situation.
    12 hours is a decent burn time, but if you are unable to get it to refresh after that point, it may be your loading or shaking technique. Make certain to carefully read the coaltips document at the url https://www.hearth.com/what/coaltips.html and also check the Q and A for similar advice.

    Link: Coal Burning Tips
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