Franklin 261-ST 8" to 6" reducer to fit existing ceiling fitting. I was told never reduce these old Franklin's Any advice appreciated.

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Dec 17, 2023
Santa Fe, NM
This Franklin install is the idea of my well meaning landlord. She is sweet and found the stove on Facebook.

As far as I can tell It is against the National Standard (NFPA-211) to reduce from 8 to 6. Also the "room smoke" and carbon monoxide issues are consistent across all posts on this subject.

She's (landlord) is very excited and I want to let her down as politely as possible and then propose I install a more modern 6" woodburner

Any suggestions appreciated. Including insurance liabilities if she proceeds.

Acknowledgement of this issue would go a long way to redirecting everyone involved to a more modern solution


IMO get rid of that clunker, almost every stove on the market is going to be twice as efficient as a Franklin.
Whoever said to not reduce it was correct. Don’t reduce it..
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That stove looks too close to the wall. Unless the entire wall is non combustible, that is.
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There are several reasons not to install this stove besides the fact that they are hard to control. Has she contacted her insurance company? Many will not allow an unlisted stove to be installed. The flue size can not be reduced. What is it going to connect to? Is the current chimney safe and up to modern requirements? It needs to be HT2100 rated chimney pipe.

The manual is the guide. This unlisted appliance needs proper clearances and do not install the Franklin too close to combustible floors or walls. The National Fire Code requires a stove board or fireproof hearth made of concrele, slate, brick. or other non-combustible material. Unless a non-combustible wall is also provided al least 4 feet high, you must allow at least 36" from the Franklin to the back wall and 24" to side walls. A fire code kit is available for use which will let you install the Franklin only 18" from lhe wall. (See page 6.)
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