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  1. QuantumBit

    Franklin 261-ST 8" to 6" reducer to fit existing ceiling fitting. I was told never reduce these old Franklin's Any advice appreciated.

    This Franklin install is the idea of my well meaning landlord. She is sweet and found the stove on Facebook. As far as I can tell It is against the National Standard (NFPA-211) to reduce from 8 to 6. Also the "room smoke" and carbon monoxide issues are consistent across all posts on this...
  2. G

    Our wood stove installation denied

    We recently installed a vintage wood burning stove, and because it had no UL listing we went by the guidelines found at nasd online. I printed that information out, along with some other information I had researched. I highlighted all of the specs we were going by and I put it in with our permit...
  3. C

    Need assistance with dimensions for mantel with an old wood burning fireplace.

    Good evening, I have an old Western Fireplaces model BF-36 And, as you can see in the pictures below, I have to replace the mantle, hearth, glass doors and surround for the entire wall that the fireplace is in. It's a long story, but the house was struck by lightning and the restoration is...
  4. CodyR4

    Installing through the wall.

    Hi, I have decided to install my wood stove through the wall due to fear of asbestos being in my ceiling, my house is old af. So a couple questions I will provide pictures, does my stove already have a heat shield? Can I go through the wall DIRECTLY beside the window? If my wood stove does have...
  5. B

    Jotul Combifire 4 / Finding a Certified Installer in WI

    Hi everyone. My first post! I am buying a home with an old wood stove (image here) that might not be up to code. I want to change it for aesthetic and safety reasons, and I've been trolling the forums for information. I was interested in European-style stoves like the Rais, Yotul F 370, or...
  6. VirginiaIron

    To Insulate or Not Insulate a Flexible Liner - That is the question!

    I have been debating the use of insulation on a flexible liner and I have received mixed opinions from some people and the sales reps. It seems that insulation is required from most insurance companies to maintain safe clearances rather than stack temp and creosote- although stack temps and...
  7. J

    Napoleon Torch needs a thermostat

    Hi, there new to the forums and gas fireplace installation. Here's a question for the electricians out there: Any fireplace used as a solitary heat source for my upstairs master bedroom must be operated by a thermostat per local codes, according to the inspector who's going to sign off on it...