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    I recently came into possession of Franklin Cast - Scandia 308 and have been trying to find ANY documentation on it to no avail. Basically I have a few simple questions about this stove (or similar) that I hope you might answer.
    1) On the back of the stove there is a small damper attached to a chain and a coil thermostat. What is its proper usage? It has a small adjustment lever attached to the coil.
    2) On the side there is a small vent that can be opened or closed providing air to the same entrance as the above damper. Again, what is it for?
    3) This stove has a bypass damper that I have gathered should be open at lighting and closed when going to improve efficiency. Due to the age (1979), I assume there is no cat. converter inside (I cannot see or get at the back compartment), just some kind of baffle system. Is this correct?
    4) Finally the doors do not close tightly - this is fine, but they could be adjusted to do so. Should they?


    This is a copy of a Vermont Castings stove that was made in Taiwan. In fact, the company was sued by Vermont Castings and went out of business...partially as a result of the suit.

    The coil is a bimetal thermostat - it adjusts the position of the air inlet damper as the stove heats and cools. Example: if you start the stove with the air flap opened 3/4 of the way, it will close as the stove gets hotter..then open again as the stove cools. It is not really accurate but does work in a relative fashion.

    The side vent is for secondary air (air let in above the fire). This should be left open 1/2 way or so.

    Yes, the bypass should be opened when loading and starting and closed after the stove is going well. This provides a longer flame path - more heat transfer to the stove.

    The door latch and or/gasket should be adjusted to have a fairly tight seal.
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