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Franklin Stove Friend Posted By Franklin Stove Friend, Jan 5, 2013 at 5:12 PM

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    Franklin Stove Friend
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    Jan 5, 2013
    I saw several old (Negative) notes about using an "old" Franklin style fireplace. I just had to add a positive one. We purchased a Franklin Fireplace from the Sears catalogue in 1966, installed it ourselves, and it is still going strong (2013). We live in Hawaii, on the water, so must admit it doesn't get lots of use. But!!!! on the rare, cool, rainy nights, it is just great. We've never had any problems with it overheating ????? not sure how this would happen unless someone is really crazy on the wood they stack in. Our chimney goes up about 4 feet then makes a 90 degree bend and goes through our concrete block wall. (House is concrete block on first floor). After exiting the wall it makes another 90 degree bend and goes up through the eaves of the house and through a double walled (air cooled?) chimney pipe about 4 feet above the roof. We really enjoy our "fireplace" and would "recommend it to a friend!".
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    I bought one in 1977 from Montomery Ward. Fine for an open fireplace. Not too good for heating unless ya, well, like, live in Hawaii or something. ;lol

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    I had a friend growing up, his parents had one in there home "mostly for viewing" it was nice, but I don't remember them using it for heat. I'm sure your franklin will take some chill off and makes a nice conservation piece, Enjoy!

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