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    Help- looking for approx. value of an antique stove. Maker is De Haven & Co.- Limited Allegheny- PA. It's a Cinderella Franklin- made between 1897 - 1910- looking at a photocopy from a catalog looks like the 1897 stove. I know you can't give a precise evaluation- depending on it's condition- etc.- etc.- but if you have even a rough idea of what a stove of this year and make might be worth- I'd appreciate it. Thank you. Leslie


    Antique Stoves are not my thing- but since it is an actual American Made Antique (as opposed to the millions of Taiwan Franklins)- it does have some value. Depending on condition- I would say $350. to $650. ..There are some folks that specialize in antique stoves. You'll find some of them listing on the page link below.

    Link: Antique Stove links and Parts Links
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