Fresh Air Damper question

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Jan 7, 2017
Hi there, we bought a house with a Heatilator hd36b installed in it. I got a guy to come check the chimney and he gave me a quick tour of the fire.

He didn't mention anything about this though - it seems like there was once 4 levers (2 on each side), however now there's just 1.

I'm guessing these are Fresh Air Damper levers? I can't see anything in the holes other than cobwebs, but I can feel a cold draft from the vents under the fireplace and around.

Do you mind confirming whether these are the fresh air dampers? And if so, should there be 4 levers?

Also, I guess it's okay to use since there is fresh air coming in, but am I forced to keep them open since I'm without lever. To be honest, I'm not sure what the 1 remaining lever does, it just kinda wiggles in and out / up and down, with no noticeable effect.

There's a big ice storm on the way, I'm trying to keep us warm but not carbon monoxid-y.

IMG_3710 2.JPG IMG_3710.JPG IMG_3711.JPG IMG_3712.JPG IMG_3713.JPG IMG_3714.JPG
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Feb 16, 2014
Those are not dampers, there air slats to keep the surround cool, you have a ir intake in front of this surround at the bottom, the reality of this, is that everything is inefficient and really this should just be used for ambience purposes.


Sep 7, 2016
i had an older stove recently replaced, I burned it last year during a blizzard, while it helped a little, it fails in comparison to what I have now.I use less wood and gets at least 90% more heat. When I had the pro come out to give suggestions on replacement, he stated unless there was no power (and it was needed), you are sucking out more heat than putting back in the room