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    My wife and I have a small place (850 sq ft) in Valdez, Alaska. Fuel oil heating is common there. In Anchorage we have a gas direct vent Heat-N-Glo fireplace we enjoy
    A) Is there a similar direct vent "fuel oil" fireplace.
    B) If LPG is available, should a gas fireplace be used in lieu of a small Monitor or Toyo heater for continuous winter heating, or should a regular heater be used, with the fireplace for fun and supplemental heating? I wasn't sure if they were rated for continuous duty to heat a cottage all winter long.


    The fuel oil fireplaces that I have seen all require a regular up-vent of some kind..as oppossed to just out the wall. One exception might be the Monitor Brand, which was imported by a company here in Princeston, NJ. However, these are just heaters (don't look good..no visible flame). The monitor is made for heavy use...most direct vent fireplaces are not. However, certain high quality direct vent fireplaces use better components and are rated as "wall furnaces", which are more efficient and may allow more use. Best bet is to check with the particular manufacturer to see if their model is designed this way.
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